What was TEKOI?

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    I still find it difficult to wrap around that the only punishment for the death was a fine. Sucks that things like that still happen.

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    So the reservation is stuck with maintaining the area? That's a bummer :/

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    Wait, what type of missile motors did they test here?

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    I thought it was something more important. No offense but the Tekoi videos seem to be a lot of work for something extremely obscure.

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    US government: Someone died in your facility. We're going to fine you. Tekoi: No please! We have already have too many safety regulations! Also the US government: We're going to fine you $640.($2.2k)

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    I just found this series of videos and I have to say that I appreciated all of them. I do think that your changes to this video actually tell a slightly more interesting story with the bit about submarines vs stationary land silos, and being able to see what your director's commentaries are like definitely makes me interested in donating to your patreon to get access to more of them. Hopefully my small bit of engagement here will help this video out!

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