The Most Deadly Job in America -- And What Happens Next

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    um by the steam locomotive shown here 7:25 is actully a DRG class 86 which is german not american

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    >the colors of the graph at 0:55 I see what you did there.

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    Love all the BSG references!

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    7:47 hey don't be knocking my girl Rosslyn, she was a great president.. Mostly..

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    The undertaker

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    What if instead of *removing* peoples from highest power to lowest power(starting at the president and going onto the VP) would be to do it starting from lowest power to highest(starting at the Department of agriculture and working your way up)? Asking out of curiosity

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    not once, not to ice, not try ice ,... but octagonal ice. 0:34

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    4:07 Jen Psaki be like

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    love the BSG reference hahaha

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    make it more simple have elections not tied to electrol college, most votes wins, next in line is up every time and soo on

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    Imma go join the army and then become the president made all Wi-Fi better then quit and return to Great Britain and live a normal life

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    Gosh all 15 can't even have a party together 😔😔

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    Wasn't there some reality show about this if I recall.

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    can we get a f in the chat for the presidents who died

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    I have seen this video twice, once when it was first published, and again today. I cannot believe I missed the Battlestar Galactica (2004) Easter-egg at the end. I only caught it this time because I noticed the papers had all their corners clipped, and then I saw the number 47,973 written on the whiteboard in the background. CGP you are awesome!

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    Congress itself is by its own nature undemocratic.

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    Geriatric Joe

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    👀👀👀 Too relevant

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    the most deadly job is suicide bomber Change My Mind

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    president survival rate : 24/30 celestial dice chance in the office :25/30 so what happened to the 1/30? is this the actual chance that you die OUTSIDE of the office?

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    I think the bumping thing shouldn’t be a thing, once an acting president has been chosen, his or her appointments should not be instantly able to take their spot

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    Reminds me of "Y: The Last Man", where after all but one of the men on Earth die, the Secretary of Agriculture becomes president because she was the only woman in the succession.

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    I love how he just full on replaces "dying" to "rolling sevens" 8:42 this time frame killed me 😂😂

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    After V.P and President dead army should rule and declere elections

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    That’s a bad plan. The army should never be able to take control of the executive branch even temporarily.

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    Take a shot every time he says president

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    What would happen in the very unlikely scenario that the designated survivor dies as and all the other members of cabinet and the president and his vp die

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    Otto Von Bismarck

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    The house would nominate a speaker or the senate a president pro tempora (which ever one is confirmed first) and they would assume the position of acting president.

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    Fun fact: 100% of US presidents will die.

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    Otto Von Bismarck

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    100% of all humans die.

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    This kind of clusterfuck would make a great premise for a movie, gotta be honest. Might get some people to pay attention to the issue, too, if you wrote the script with accuracy in mind.

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    Is "Rapper" considered a job?

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    "Designated Survivor" series deals with this exact scenario. Everyone suddenly dies, the President and everyone in the line of succession, except for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

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    It’s so complicated!

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    Co to kurwa za logika

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    I want to know about how the dept of energy regulates nuclear weapons. He said later, it's later

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    I guess you can call this "term-moil"

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    Let’s just keep adding on the go.

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    The most deadly job in the world is running for president in Russia

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    So basically, just play video games at home.

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    Love the Battlestar Galactica reference at the end 😂😂

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    This guy makes me smarter every day

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    For those wondering: William Henry Harrison in 1845 (Natural Causes) Zachary Taylor in 1850 (Natural Causes) Abraham Lincoln in 1865 (Assassination) James A Garfield in 1881 (Assassination) William McKinley in 1901 (Assassination) Warren G Harding in 1923 (Natural Causes) Franklin D Roosevelt in 1945 (Natural Causes) John F Kennedy in 1963 (Assassination) Richard Nixon in 1974 (Resignation)

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    And the department of agriculture is still throwing tumbleweeds XD.

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    Nice Battlestar Galactica reference with the Secretary of Education at 7:48 and at the end.

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    Why can't they just hold another election?

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    Sometimes I watch this video just to hear CGPGrey say "octagonalice". 😀

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    Now I want to play guess who's the designated survivor

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    This is a confusing way of explaining the first episode of Designated Survivor

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    This sounds like something an evil Vice President would do in some kind of government themed action movie.

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    Strange i thought it was being a teacher ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    7:41 Found this easter egg by myself, with no help from any Minecraft livestreams

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    No wonder America is in chaos

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    I'm from Poland, and youre doing a great job explaining this mess. But subtitles would be even more helpful! :)

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    What if all them roll a 7

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    President: -Hated by half a country -Can be assassinated -You do fancy paperwork Macdonalds Employee -Loved by a large majority of people -Most likely would not be assassinated -You serve burgers to people

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    now that you put it this way, I'm baffled XD

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    SGT Ferrel: How do I feel about gambling in the barracks? Soldier 1: You dislike it SGT Ferrel. SGT Ferrel: Why do I dislike it PVT Nance? PVT Nance: It entertains the notion that our fate is in anyone's hands but our own. SGT Ferrel: And what is my concept of fate, chorus? All: Through readiness and discipline, we are masters of our fate. -The Edge of Tomorrow. A belief system to live by.

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    no one: me: oh so you need dice to be president

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    I work a cleaning job in the white house. How many people would have to die for me to be the president?

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    Always interesting, thanks.

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    Yes, I also thought about Laura Roslin the entire time.

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    Oh ok What We got hERe Animation Cool though

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    why am I learning about the presidential stuff and I don't even live in this country at all

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    Anyone else just get moments of realization that we’re gunna die and if there’s nothing, it’ll all just seemlessly happen at once and... maybe this isn’t the spot for this.

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    "america realised she had alot of interior land to manage so she create the department of the interior to manage the land (and the indians on the land) *_no there's no time"_*

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    I think POTUS is a pyramid scheme

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    “Cause if all 15 replacement are dead that sounds like a homeland security issue” lmfao that killed me

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    So if someone isn't able, he or she is unable, but the state of not being able is inability . . .

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    Watch designated survivor on Netflix

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    Love the BSG reference at the end!

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    I have no Idea what I just watched

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    The gentle coup made me laugh more than is acceptable

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    So the issue is that the bad scenario isn’t as bad as it gets... if it gets to the Secretary of State you will have literally gone through all congress members

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    0:42 LOL thnk you for that i was getting ready to search up who the other two were

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    Designated Survivor moment

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    2:36 "So don't get any ideas." " but also YOU don't get any ideas!" "I'M STILL THE PRESIDENT!" ">:|"

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    "All done, until 2001, Department of Homeland Security." Oh boy.

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    Imagine a 7 year old kid watching it

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    I'd try to roll a 6 until I get a 6. 6....... (666)

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    A little late, don't you think?

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    7:28 When is there time? We would really like to know at some point, Grey.

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    4:08 the state of the USA in 2021

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    I actually rolled 2d6s and I got 7

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    Wut? 😕

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    Do you not understand?

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    imagine writing the script

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    Imagine living in England and knowing USA Government structure better than USA President.

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    Anyone get the bsg reference xD

  • Carlos tnt 70000
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    Children doing child labor: well yes but actually no (But really there job is very very hard and they only get $1 in 15-18 hours of work)

  • Ben Miller
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    *Don’t spend a lot of time in Paradise with those odds

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    So the VP could technically kill the president and take the “throne” of presidency then?

  • Otto Von Bismarck

    Otto Von Bismarck

    Mánuði síðan

    I don’t mean to sound rude but this comment is stupid. “Technically” defying all common sense and reality, then yes. But then “technically” the US armed forces could just take over the USA and turn it into a military dictatorship. Who is going to stop them.

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    U! S! A! U! S! A!

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    2:15 that seems familiar

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    Eh Nice one with the papers at the end. I was thinking about the exact same thing the whole time.