The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

Adapted from Nick Bostrom's paper:

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    I feel like this message can be stuck to a lot of things, I love it

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    I’m starting to think maybe, just maybe Grey is against death. I 100% agree though, the sweet release of death is total BS

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    So its a kingdom with a king and knights but they have advanced technology and microscopes??

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    Lesson: death can be destroyed with missiles

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    So, I've watched this video a few times and you know what? I'm starting to think it might not actually be about a dragon

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    So basically they replaced the Apollo missions with a Dragon and JFK with a king

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    The dragon is climate change

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    Do you guys realize that one kid who spoke up just stopped a war

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    The dragon is death. The dragon is the fate bestowed upon all humanity. The dragon is an opportunity an opportunity for an honorable death, the beautiful conclusion to the one's life, and we want to stop it. But we can't can we? To kill the dragon is to but prolong the inevitable death of a human life. Mortality makes us humans. And we cannot change that. And in the demise of the dragon another monster awaits from the dark. In killing a dragon we created another beast. A beast that is our selves and our unending desire for power. Pog.

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    That story was in my opinion way to optimistic. After killing the dragon I imagine that they would try to decimate some other authorities.

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    Time, to get cancer.

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    Uhm maybe the giant murder beast can follow them you know

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    I'm afraid of the era of peace that follows! history has shown we get weaker, lazier and sensible AF in the times of peace!

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    So you want us to start a war so we can be manly and brave again?

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    There's always another dragon, or maybe it just has more heads than people can ever think to cut... One would be blind to ignore that after the last year and an half...

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    @Andrei Salvaleon am talking about global extinction

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    Except death itself, which is the dragon

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    And then the metaphorical dragon representing that dragon’s death metaphorically killed them all, the end.

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    quick does anyone know a small child who can speak up and instantly end political gridlock so we all start seamlessly working together on climate change, racism, gun violence, etc?

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    Love the Kennedy reference

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    I LOVE that this is but a thinly disguised argument for destroying the process of unwanted death. Of age itself. It is a great metaphor.

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    This is beautiful

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    I have a feeling this inspired Castlevania's latest season

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    The biggest question is, why haven’t the citizens made a democracy yet?

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    The only thing that I'm miffed you left out of this story, likely for brevity, was this: "Sometimes the dragon would devour these unfortunate souls upon arrival; sometimes again it would lock them up in the mountain where they would wither away for months or years before eventually being consumed." The dragon doesn't just kill us. It tortures us.

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    I have just now realized that the dragon is a representation of death.

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    yes, it works for all the aging disease as well.

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    I literally searched up the dragon that got nuked it didn’t work so I searched up the dragon that took over a village and here I am

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    "But now, they need to deal with the fact that their kingdom smells like a dragon's corpse"

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    I know this is a representation of something but what?

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    @özgür ruh ah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks

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    Dragon is a represantation of death

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    aging disease and death..

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    Allegorical tale about COVID?

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    @Dylan Parker it s not

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    @özgür ruh I can't tell whether that was a sarcastic satirical response or not!

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    Nope the dragon is a reprasantation of death

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    Such a wonderful allegory for the fight against covid 19.

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    Do you realize this vid is older than covid the dragon is reprasantation of death

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    That little kid became the smartest person in the story and all that he needed to say was “the dragon is bad”

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    Who would win a dragon that ruled over years or 1 exploding boi

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    Desperately not accepting death is childish. We must work to make our lifes better and cure deseases, etc., but the pure fact of death is undeniable in the end.

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    it works for putting moon shot money into curing aging disease too.

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    10:45 ive never felt so tense in my life. wow..

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    If you had wanted to fight death you would had it be an lich, a dragon is more the power.

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    I love metaphors for delaying death.

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    That’s a beautiful story man

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    Okay, but we are getting what the story is about, right? How these are ordinary humans who age and die naturally, not immortals whose lives were limited only by the dragon? How they're exactly like us, only we have always had time? How we have horrible problems which are costly to solve but are in fact solvable, not entirely unlike the dragon? We get that it's all a call to action, right?

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    yes! even curing just one aging disease would save so much suffering AND healthcare money.

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    It’s a bit of a false equivalency because unlike with the dragon there was no time before death. Apart from that it’s a great video,

    FIELD ABLE22 dögum síðan

    Then the king and the people heard a terrible sound. The Dragon was stirring, rising from where it fell with blackened body to declare in a booming voice heard over the entire realm; "foolish to think...a dragon could be killed by mere science..." And laughing it spread its wings and beat them back and forth, stirring up a vast cloud of now radioactive ash created by the "dragonologists" ICBM. The ash rose into sky to block out the sun as the dragon took its revenge.

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    I knew since minute 1 that this is just a metafore of death itself and how humans have accepted it instead of seeking for inmortalilty. Even "the last train" is a metaphore for the last people who will die just before the inmortality is archieved and it's heartbreaking :c

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    Ojhg yeq ri 7i HAPOFDER GARDER

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    The biggest misconception that this leads to is that death is one big thing that can be conquered. It's more like a billion little things that all need to be conquered. We can't conquer death in our lifetimes, but perhaps we can send fewer people to the dragon with each generation that follows.

  • Andrei Salvaleon

    Andrei Salvaleon

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    It's a metaphor and a fable it doesn't have to be exact. Also it's more akin to curing aging than death itself

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    Thank you for the wonderful story :)

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    compared to Warhammer, this is paradise.

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    Dragon slaying in fantasy: magic, strength, skill, mastery Dragon slaying in sci-fi: anyways so we launch an Anti Aircraft defense missile at it

  • WOT Nate
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    Oh no, an unbeatable boss Me checking the game’s codes: anyways

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    A lot of people in the here seem to to have understood the dragon as a metaphor for death itself. But i think, that climate change fits the story better. That being said.. the science of aging and how to prevent it is something im quite obsessed with. It's not even about what i would be able to do being immortal but rather seing what the future holds, what will happen to humanity in 100, 1000, 10000 years...

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    Yeah but climate change hasn’t killed anyone yet

  • adie 42
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    This is clearly a metaphor for climate change and fossil fuels, right? Why are there no comments about it?

  • Andrei Salvaleon

    Andrei Salvaleon

    3 dögum síðan

    @adie 42 no actually the dragon literally represents the concept of death itself. Killing the dragon ends the idea that people have to die, that's the point of the fable

  • adie 42

    adie 42

    6 dögum síðan

    @özgür ruh what a boring ass take on it - too literal. You mean death is the metaphor for death?? no, there is still death after the dragon. destroying it just prolonged their lives. The dragon is more like some sort of sickness or environmental thing.

  • özgür ruh

    özgür ruh

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    Nope it s a metaphor for death

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    Roasted foreskin is yummy

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    Bc it's about death We know climate change is a problem We don't know death is

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    I don't know what to think of this. It always makes me sad. I don't see anything wrong with using knowledge to extend life. I just hope we don't become so fixated and attached to life as to not live it. What I mean is that a world without age is a world where all death is tragedy and violence. The paranoia that would come from this(at least from me) would be tremendous, and, as a person who believes in eternal life, I think it would be more harmful if we don't keep our expectations for a timeline for this technology. Don't get me wrong, we should work hard at it, but to think that my parents, grandparents and basically everyone I love is/was just one generation off from the advancement that will cure death, is a useless, hopeless motivation for people to rise against death. It is improbable that anyone living right now will escape old age. We must fight the dragon but also realize and prepare for our inevitable demise. Shoot! Now I'm sad again.

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    Plot twists the dragon was protecting them from the Orcs, elf’s, and other dragons

  • DeathSmoke67
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    Dragon: Yo what’s that in the sky? He pondered what it could be as it it grew brighter. *AND THEN IT HIT HIM*

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    The queen was eaten by the dragon...

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    Man I wish we had a dragon.

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    This story is missing it's conclusion... years after the king's death, it was found that the king bred the dragon >_>

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    8:00 girl with the apple looks like shes from attack on titan

  • Autodidactic Artisan

    Autodidactic Artisan

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    At least I think so.

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    Imagine an immortal Putin. Humanity isn’t ready for immortality.

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    i'm at 1:13 seconds of the video and i feel it's going to be a argue against accepting death as "normal". am i smart ?

  • ytjfur


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    i'm at 2:10 seconds of the video and i feel it's going to be a argue against accepting death as "normal". am i smart ? but also we should all focus on making human immortal but over population is not a issue because univers is big and huge amount of space basically

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    People are trashing on the king, but he lost his wife to the dragon.

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    Is nice

  • Joz
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    Love it! Reminds me of short story by my favorite author "The usefulness of a Dragon" (pol. Pożytek ze Smoka) by S. Lem. Sadly i don't think it has english translation :( It's about Space Traveler who one day visits a planet with Dragon on it. More of a 'dragon' really. Apperently it used to be one but was constantly growing and once humans started feeding it it become little more than ever increasing cancer mass (that still somehow can snatch some tourists). After fewcenturies (if memory serves me right) humans needed to start activelly taking care of Dragon, giving him medicine, puting him on specific diets, or he would just... die on his own. They build pipelines to shove food into his stomatch. They build entire industires around servicing it. (I think that like 80% GDP of entire planet was coming from Dragon services) They even centered their science around it. Glue made out of Dragon Slime is ONLY 5 times (or was it 7 times? been a while since i read it) as expensive to make as normall glue. Scientists are sooo exited that maybe finally they will be able to wrangle some minor benefits from this interaction. There are obviously 'insane' people who try to kill the dragon. For example trying to poison him. Everyone else is horrified by such idea. "What about people working in Dragon Services?" "What will we do with all the goods produced for the Dragons if he is dead? Who will buy them if goverment won't need to buy them from is to feed Dragon? Our economy will colapse!!!" "If not Dragon who would we be producing all those things for? Are we supposed to just give them out? Ha!"and so on. *One of Dragon benefits was that it 'solved' problem of job loss due to automation.* Since It grows as their production capabilities increase people still keep their jobs even as their effectiveness go up. Since Dragon always demands more goods. Story ends with our traveler arguing with Dragon Scientist, a Drakolog, but nothing comes out of it. then we get PS. that apperently in the future Dragon exploded .... into many smaller Dragons that were no less hungry. yay? There is something in Dragons that makes them perfect for such stories.

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    This fits well with Covid

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    it doesn't

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    Auzwits the 3rd camp?

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    Americans ; Wheres my nuke???😁😁