Ten Years Later

Q&A with Grey
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    Thank you to everyone for supporting the channel all these years! - If you're a member, there's a couple deleted questions on Patreon: www.patreon.com/posts/48076548 and ISsofts: issofts.info/video/v-deo/ioaAvGpolKSXuaA

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    I believe that your main era shift was when you posted the "How Machines Learn" video!

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    Congratulations!! I enjoy your content, did you know, you're content is being used at the University of Edinburgh, philosophy department, regarding the hostile take over of mechanical minds.

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    Hi I’ve watched for about half my life though most young people to young adults would pass this milestone as time goes on

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    You know your *spaceship you* video I really liked that type of video and you don't have to do it but I really liked it and I'd love to see another one like that

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    Grey, A lot of your videos are getting stolen and reposted on TikTok. I do my best to credit you in the comments where the poser doesn't but I thought you should know. I'm fairly new to TikTok but from my short time on that platform, I have noticed how unregulated it is. Most of TikTok seems to be stolen youtube videos and they never leave any credit in the comments or description.

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    Both my sons have gone through their teen years watching you.... and how I found you!

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    Hi! And thank you for a great 10 years, Grey! I will continue to watch you into my adulthood :)

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    Being more interested in things than people may be part of why I like your videos so much, among other things...

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    First video I've seen of yours and even I got emotional at the end. You have so much passion for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with others and I admire that. You have a new subscriber.

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    Hello! I am a teenager who has been watching your videos for over half of my life

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    Wait a second he said he wouldn't stop to talk about a sponsorship but then he stopped to talk about us which he said are the sponsorship

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    3:23 Hey Grey! I know that from a growth perspective it looks like strategic selection is preferable, but I would be a little worried that in a pursuit for fame and fortune, this channel would begin to lack the charming randomness we’ve all grown to love so dearly. You’re absolutely doing the best thing ❤️

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    You definitely shouldn't target your videos for views or whatever. I've watched so many videos I wouldn't have watched otherwise on topics I didn't think I'd find interesting just because of you. The (somewhat) wild mix of different topics is one of the best things about your channel!

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    I can’t wait for the next Q&A after Grey’s channel is 100% dedicated to Minecraft livestreams. He has only done a couple and he is already hooked. It happens to the best of us!

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