Grey Reads The 25th Amendment

00:00 The 25th Amendment
00:02 Section 1
00:10 Section 2
00:22 Section 3
00:43 Section 4


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    Hmmm in section 4, when the Vice President and a majority of the Secretaries or Congressional body sends the second reaffirming letter, must it be the same body as before? Could the first letter be the VP and Secretaries and the second be the VP and a Congressional body? אי נמי, or perhaps, the first letter be the VP and one group of Secretaries and the second letter be the VP and a different group of Secretaries?

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    We went from an amendment 2 sentences long to nearly a couple pages

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    Basically: Shall

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    grey has became the Mr. Beast we deserve but also the one we need

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    This was surprisingly interesting!

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    I get the impression from Section 3 that the President could use this Amendment as a means to "share" the presidency with his Vice President, using a written document to say "Yeah I'm not able to do this job for the next week or so. VP's got it," and then come back and be like "Alright I'm ready to turn over with VP and resume my position."

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    That’s kinda what’s it’s meant to do.

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    So basically this just makes the vice president an Acting President when the acutal President is unable to govern untill the President is able to govern again or untill election. Right?

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    That is really well written. VARY efficient use of words.

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    I have no idea what was just said

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    thanks for the lullaby mr grey

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    This has more views then the current tekoi video

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    Ha this came in handy on the 6th of January.

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    Grey, please read ALL the amendments 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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    Made it 1:37 in before I stopped listening 😆

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    Would you read and explain the second Amendment - seems it is used much - not fully read and understood.

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    The 14th Amendment would be more appropriate in this time tbh

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    Read the constitution or the Declaration of Independence

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    Very few citizens were aware of or understand this amendment and even fewer know that this amendment was not proposed and ratified until *after* the Kennedy assassination

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    This got relevent

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    Do 14th Amendment pls

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    CPG Grey reads the Declaration of Independence? and CPG Grey reads the U.S. Constitution?

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    that was so helpful for school

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    Congratulations... You are a fucking prophet

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    They literally won't be able to get him out of office because he will be out of office by then.

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    Who just found this because the President might be impeached.

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    The resolute horn gratifyingly milk because vegetable regrettably whip in a dizzy thread. wakeful, numerous patient

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    The Algorithm smiles on you CGP Grey

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    You people support left and right wing I support meme wing

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    Grey are you secretly Nostradamus?

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    "I CAN SEE THE FUTURE" -CGP Grey, 2020/10/12



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    VpPence gets to become President the last 10 days ?

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    A law written in anticipation of the possibility that a President could be incapable of performing the duties of the office. Unfortunately I do not believe that anyone in this government will utilize any laws of this nation to stand against this sociopath.

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